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Tattoo artist. (20 years of practice)

 Mix-media artist.

Artiste mix-media, Tatoueuse 



Conference, lecture, publication... 


Berardo Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Lisboa Portugal 2011 

Exploring the archaïc Tattoo pratice, lecture & performance(telepathic landscape) at:



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"It is through the skin that metaphysics will penetrate the mind". A.Artaud

Centro Cultural de Belém.   Berardo Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.


The Planetary Collegium’s 12th Annual international Research Conference, Consciousness Reframed: art and consciousness in the post-biological era.

   November 2011


Art, Identity and the Technology of Transformation

The conference will look at art as behaviour of mind, embedded in the physical world, but articulating its immateriality. Just as institutionalized art, with its tired orthodoxies of instruction, production and distribution, is challenged by the new technologies of knowing and perception, so our sense of self - its singularity and authenticity - is open to reconstruction and reinterpretation. In his assault on identity and authorship, the great Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa created over 70 heteronyms. “His jostling aliases,” as John Gray has put it, “expressing his belief that the individual subject - the core of European thought - is an illusion.” This exploration of the plurality of self finds is contemporary expression in the proliferation of personas and avatars through which we navigate the actual and virtual universes of our making. Transdisciplinary discourse, the adoption of new technologies, the invisible forces and fields of the sciences, the recuperation of abandoned metaphysical and spiritual models of being, can all find expression within the context of this conference. Roy Ascott.









Electronic Arts Center

Trondheim Norway 2010 

Brain Skin Medium at:




In conjunction with the biennial for art and technology, Meta.Morf 2010,

TEKS – Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre Norway, presents


The status of our reality is uncertain. The solid objective world of our everyday experience is a representation of an oscillating immateriality that we recognise, at another level of resolution, as constituting quantum phenomena. It’s not that matter doesn’t matter anymore, so much perhaps as the idea that matter isn’t matter anymore. Can we not reasonably ask whether there is a reality beyond what quantum mechanics describes, even closer to the really real? If our material, everyday world depends on our consciousness, what existed in the world before human consciousness had evolved, and how will the world look if our consciousness evolves still further? For many who live largely online, cyberspace accommodates a vivid and consequential normality that renders the material world less relevant to their lives. Until recently, we adapted our sensibilities to fit into separate boxes, variously identified as real, virtual, spiritual, and so on, which we saw as being served by separate ontologies. That separation has now merged into a flowing continuity, in which telecommunications, computing, nano technology, bioengineering and pharmacology play significant roles. The binary opposition between real and virtual realities no longer holds, and the Western conception of the individual human brain creating its own isolated mind may be giving way to the recognition  of a connected intelligence seeking fuller access to a primordial field of universal consciousness. What might be the role of the artist in all of this?  Can a trans-disciplinary art practice contribute to strategies for making the real really real?

Roy Ascott, 2010










-“Making Reality Really, Really Real” 11th annual Consciousness Reframed conference catalogue, which included the essay“ The Text that Reads Wolf”, conference and book crated and edited by Espen Gangvik, Roy Ascott, and Marguerite Jahrnman (November 2010): 108.

-New.Brave.World! Catalogue for 2010 Meta.Morf Biennial for Art and Technology, edited by Espen Gangvik and published by TEKS January 2010, Trondheim Norway


- "PRESENCE IN THE MINDFIELD: Art, Identity and the Technology of Transformation" 12th Annual , Consciousness Reframed: art and consciousness in the post-biological era. edited by Luis Miguel Girao and Roy Ascott ( November 2011) Lisboa Portugal.

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